Duncan Abbott for Almonte Ward

Duncan Abbott

Resident of Almonte for 20 years
On Mississippi Mills Council for past 8 years
On Pakenham Council from 1979 to 1984
Presently the chair of Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

Accomplishments on Council

  • Voted four times against the sale of Maynard Park.
  • Spearheaded successful project to save the Education Building at Almonte Fairgrounds.  Now the building is stabilized.
  • Led the move to eliminate unreasonable restrictions on sale of lots in the Industrial Park.  Now the Industrial Park lots are almost completely sold.
  • Worked with Council to establish plan and budget for replacement of eight bridges with staff bringing in completion of bridges to date on budget and on time.

Proposals for Future

  • To regain trust of public and create transparency by establishing a system of open committee meetings with public participation for all major decisions.
  • To ensure careful planning of the Mill Street infrastructure renewal.
  • To review safety and effectiveness of existing bike lane policies.
  • To work closely with the County and the public regarding rules and enforcement of the rules on the Trail through Almonte.
  • To make a motion to Council to rezone Maynard Park as parkland.
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